Gable Steveson’s Debut Match: Mark Henry’s Insight on What the NXT Newcomer Needs

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Gable Steveson

Gable Steveson’s debut in the WWE ring was met with an unexpected reception from the WWE Universe. The normally villainous Baron Corbin found himself cheered, leaving many to question the newcomer’s future. On “Busted Open,” WWE legend Mark Henry weighed in on what he believes Steveson needs for his career.

Cold Reception at the Great American Bash

Gable Steveson, an Olympic gold medalist and highly anticipated addition to the WWE roster, finally made his debut in Sunday’s Great American Bash, only to receive a cold and caustic reception. The match ended in a double count-out draw with Baron Corbin, leaving fans cheering for the typically reviled Corbin instead.

Mark Henry’s Perspective

The legendary Mark Henry believes that proper mentorship is key to Steveson’s success. According to Henry, it’s up to Steveson to “impose [his] will” on the fans, rather than relying on the office or writers to win them over.

“The writers are not in the ring. The writers are not in front of the people. The boss cannot come to the ring and say, ‘Hey guys, we’re paying this guy a lot of money. We want him to get over with you, here he is.’ It’s gonna go off like somebody taking a dump in church,” Henry said, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in building rapport with the audience.

The Need for a Mentor and Manager

Returning to his initial point, Henry suggested that Steveson needs a mentor who has walked the same path, preferably an Olympian, to guide him both in the ring and on camera.

“You almost have to bring Kurt Angle back to be his manager and say, ‘He’s not me. He’s better than me,'” Henry advised. He emphasized that Angle’s mentorship could help Steveson project an attitude of indifference toward the audience and allow him to highlight his amateur wrestling credentials.

Also, fans were impressed by the performance Gable put on his debut match at WWE.

A Long-Awaited Debut

Steveson’s debut was highly anticipated since signing with WWE in 2021. He was even part of that year’s WWE Draft when he was selected for “Raw.” However, he never wrestled a match until the Great American Bash on Sunday.

Mark Henry’s insights underline the importance of mentorship and personal development for Gable Steveson. His debut may not have been the triumphant entrance many expected, but with the right guidance, Steveson’s future in WWE could still be bright. The call for Kurt Angle’s involvement could be a step in the right direction, allowing Steveson to learn from a seasoned pro and truly connect with the WWE Universe. The fans and the wrestling world are watching, waiting to see how Steveson’s story will unfold.

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