Kevin Nash Takes A Dig At Former WWE Superstar CM Punk, Says ‘He Is At Ultimate Warrior’s Level Of Toxicity’ 

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CM Punk’s journey through AEW has been far from smooth, marked by controversy, backstage drama, and public disputes. As speculations swirled about a possible return to WWE, Punk’s contentious history with the company remained a significant hurdle. Wrestling legend Kevin Nash recently offered his insights on Punk’s demeanor, drawing parallels between the former AEW star and the infamous WWE icon, The Ultimate Warrior.

CM Punk’s Rocky AEW Stint

CM Punk’s eagerly anticipated return to the wrestling ring was met with a mix of excitement and skepticism. His stint in AEW was marred by tumultuous backstage relationships, feuds, and controversies, casting a shadow over his in-ring return. Rumors of a WWE comeback emerged, but Punk’s strained history with the organization loomed as a potential stumbling block.

Kevin Nash’s Comparison to The Ultimate Warrior

During episode #61 of his podcast ‘Kliq This,’ WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash didn’t mince words when discussing CM Punk’s attitude, likening it to the notorious WWE figure, The Ultimate Warrior. Nash, known for his candidness, expressed reservations about Punk’s reputation for being a challenging personality within the industry.

Nash’s commentary went as follows: “He’s already placed himself in the same category as The Ultimate Warrior. You can go ahead and shake the ropes, buddy, but you punched Luke Perry’s son, sucker-punching his son.” Nash’s reference pertained to the widely publicized altercation between CM Punk and Jungle Boy Jack Perry, the son of the late American actor Luke Perry. Nash’s point was evident: Punk’s recent backstage turmoil in AEW has positioned him alongside The Ultimate Warrior in terms of being problematic to collaborate with.

The Notorious Reputation of The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior, a WWE superstar of yesteryears, was infamous for his backstage politics during his wrestling career. He leveraged his on-screen popularity to exert influence behind the scenes, leading to numerous confrontations and disputes. Even established wrestling figures like Jake “The Snake” Roberts recounted their tumultuous interactions with Warrior during the 1990s.

WWE’s documentary, “The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior,” portrayed the wrestling icon in a negative light, highlighting his reputation as a challenging personality away from the spotlight. This portrayal starkly contrasted with Warrior’s on-screen persona, which had endeared him to fans.

CM Punk’s Recent Altercations in AEW

Kevin Nash’s critique of CM Punk came following Punk’s altercation with Jungle Boy Jack Perry at All In, marking his second such brawl within AEW. The previous year witnessed Punk embroiled in a high-profile skirmish with The Elite during the AEW All Out media scrum.

Nash’s sentiments echo those of other industry insiders and fans who have questioned Punk’s behavior during his tenure in Tony Khan’s promotion. Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently enumerated seven reasons why WWE might be hesitant to re-sign Punk following his departure from AEW. Ryback emphasized that Punk’s drawing power had diminished since his heyday during the “Summer of Punk” in 2013, and his recent series of incidents in AEW could dissuade WWE from future collaborations.

CM Punk’s Controversial AEW Journey

CM Punk’s stint in AEW has been marked by controversy, discord, and an array of challenges. Kevin Nash’s likening of Punk to The Ultimate Warrior serves as a stark reminder of the hurdles Punk has faced in the realm of professional wrestling. Whether Punk’s future lies within WWE or takes a different path, his polarizing reputation will remain a subject of ongoing debate among wrestling enthusiasts and insiders alike.

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